The Grande Ronde Radio Amateur Association (GRRAA) is an organization for those interested in amateur radio. Amateur Radio operators often refer to themselves as “hams”.

The purposes of GRRAA:

  • prepare for emergency communications needs
  • provide interesting and meaningful programs and education to the organization members
  • promote amateur radio to our community

Most members of GRRAA reside in Union, Baker and Wallowa Counties, in the heart of Eastern Oregon, however we welcome any and all that have an interest in amateur radio,

Interested in learning more?

Attend a meeting or contact us. Please fill out the new member application form and then bring it with you to a meeting.

W7GRA is the FCC assigned radio call sign used to identify the GRRAA club. During an amateur radio event, such as Field Day, club members use W7GRA as the station call sign.

Click here for a look at the GRRAA Constitution.