April 26, 2017

Present were:
W7GFA Gary Anger
KD7CEM Don Magee
N7SNL TEd Ivester
KI7FXJ Tyson Brooks
W7IXZ Larry Wilson
W7IYA NancyWilson
W4PJS Graham Hicks
KB7RGX Camber Beebe

The meeting started at 1904. Gary read last months minutes. No changes.
The La Grande repeater is on schedule to be back in La Grande in the near future.
Mike reimbursed Ted for the shipping  of said repeater for its upgrade for the value of $55.44.

We had 8 or 9 members show up on 6 April at Teds shack to observe digital mode at work.

Treasurers report: we currently have $2364.30 in the treasury. Report was sent via e-mail.

old business
Last meeting we had officers volunteer to serve one more year and one more year only. As reported in last months minutes

Joel stated his appreciation for the hands-on session we did at Teds on 6 April. We qualified that event as a good start, and agreed we need to continue to do hands-on in order to gain experience and learn.

Reminder: SEAPAC is the first weekend of June.

Graham commented on our dwindling membership and the long duration of last month’s meeting which was three minutes shy of two hours long. We agreed that we need to stay focused and on topic during our meetings and not jump from topic to topic.

Tyson has our facebook up and running. Twenty-two people at least are looking at it. Some of them, not all, who frequent the site, are amateur radio operators.
Tyson feels the site might attract new people, even some who do not live nearby.

new business
the 7QP QSO party is on May 6 & 7. It will use voice and digital modes. See website WS7N.net/7QP of just do a google search for 7QP. Joel recommends we just get on the air and make contacts. Genlog is s good logging system for events such as the 7QP. If you participate, send your file to WS7N.net. Get your Genlog software ready ahead of time.

Field Day. Last full weekend of June. We will hold it again at Bird Track Springs campsite west of La Grande.. This year it falls on the same weekend as Eastern Oregon Search and Rescue event. Tyson will try to get some interaction with some SAR members. Field Day hours are 1100 local on Saturday 24 June to 1100 local Sunday 25 June.. Tyson will set up a good sized wall tent in which we can operate.

Gary will let ARRL know that we will be setting up a site for Field Day.

Club Activities.
Ideas; Build an all-band vertical antenna (proposed by Graham)
More digital mode group events, concentrating on one mode at per event.  Let Joel know what you would like to do as a club.
Fox Hunts. None scheduled for remainder of year. We agreed to have an antenna building party and make sure we have good directional antennas first, and then do a fox hunt.

Those who want to get more into and better at fox hunts, do some research on types of antennas to build, and types of atennuators different types of metering to use. Look for a date in June to get together to build antennas. Joel will send out a more precise e-mail on this subject.

Anybody needing assistance in diagnosing and fixing equipment problems, let the club members know.

Books of interest; bonding and grounding (on backorder)
getting started in digital mode

Coos Bay Hamfest & swapmeet 15 July. Gary has fliers and applications for tables.

Tyson mentioned a swap meet in Kennewick on May 6 2017 which opens at 0900 at the Bethlehem Lutheran Church. It shuts down at 1300. There will be electronics, ham radio gear, and experimental equipment.

THe memorial service for the late wife of Joe Noland is Saturday, April 29, at the Presbyterian Church in La Grande at 1300.

Ted discussed some models of radios with digital capabilities, which are on sale. Contact Ted for more information.

We went into Show and Tell. Larry brought in a single-tube transmitter kit. It runs 80, 40, and 15 meter bands (Novice bands).
Joel showed us a home brew digital interface, computer – radio interface. He will be happy to help anybody interested build one. They are easy to build and they work with all digital modes.

One member took a personal phone call at 2016, and lots of side-bar discussion ensued. nevermind, delete that

Tyson pulled up the facebook page for all to view on his personal laptop.

Camber stated there is still a Radio SHack in John Day.

The meeting adjourned at 8:21PM.

Submitted by W7GFA