August 22, 2017

Please note: forwarded message attached

From: “Gary Anger” <>
Subject: [Members] grande ronde radio amateur association meeting minutes of 22 august 20 17
Date: Thu, 24 Aug 2017 02:32:43 GMT

first off, correction. the Tuesday night blue mountain net operates on 3955khz, at 1945 local time. I erroneously reported it operated on 3995 kHz.  don’t think 3995. think 3955khz.
sorry for the error.

Present at the meeting were:
w7gfa gary anger
n7nsl ted ivester
kb7rgx camber bybee
w7ixz larry Wilson
w7iya nancy Wilson
w7jsn Jason fouts
ki7fxj Tyson brooks
with a cameo appearance by k7ish jesse hale

the meeting started at 1905
gary read the minutes of the July 25th meeting. no changes except the above blue mountain net frequency

no treasurers report

old business
mt fanny repeater is still in place and there is no news on its removal.

Tyson mentioned there is the possibility of putting up a repeater on mt Emily, per JB Brock as long as it does not interfere with his equipment. (JB is the Union County Emergency Coordinator)

Members discussed putting in a repeater on mt fanny after present repeater is moved by arrg.

digital interface. no update

club picnic, 9 September at 1300 hours at Joel and Gail Hinshaw’s in Summerville Oregon. bring side dish please.

solar eclipse. no problems encountered therefore our skills were not called upon.

new business. the .980 repeater (la grande) it may cost $300  for an upgrade. its a hardware upgrade. is it worth it for the club? discussion of the features of possible upgrade ensued.

fox hunts. still none scheduled. agreed we still need to get better equipment.

ARES. Ted is the ‘unofficial’ emergency coordinator. Ted expects ARES participation will improve. Ted will try to move forward on improving the local ARES posture.

Larry discussed digital mode for a while. . Larry says to learn the program and to use it.

The meeting adjourned at 8:07PM.