February 28, 2008

Grande Ronde Radio Amateurs Association
Meeting of 28 February, 2008

The February 28, 2008 meeting of the Grande Ronde Radio Amateurs Association (GRRAA) was called to order at 7:05 p.m. in the Solarium of the Grande Ronde Hospital by acting chair Graham Hicks, W4PJS.

Present were:
Barbara Hicks,   KB7DRI
Graham Hicks,  W4PJS
Ted Ivester,        N7NSL
George Gooder, KC7FI
Chuck Rich,        N7BCW
Lois Rogers,       KA7BBE
Maurie Rogers, KA7EJS
Joe Nolan,          KB7WDI
John Britschgi, W7GQE
Jerry Winkle,    K5MVS
Nancy Wilson, W7IYA
Larry Wilson,   W7IXZ
Jeff Crews,         KE7QYU
Also present was Myra Britschgi, XYL of John Britschgi

Acting chair Graham Hicks expressed appreciation to Ted Ivester for arranging the meeting room and refreshments with the hospital and asked for introductions around the table.

The first item of business was to elect officers. Since four members volunteered for offices, there was no runoff election, and they were elected by acclamation. The officers are:

President – Graham Hicks
Vice President – Larry Wilson
Secretary – Ted Ivester
Treasurer – Chuck Rich

There was next a discussion of the constitution agreed to by the members present at the previous meeting on February 7 at the Smokehouse Restaurant. It was agreed to let the constitution stand, but following discussion, the group voted unanimously to keep the current bylaws with the addition of a dissolution clause that was not in the previous bylaws. This dissolution clause will be necessary if the group ever decides to apply for tax-exempt status as a 501 (C) 3 entity. Graham will incorporate this addition and email the full constitution and bylaws to all members.

There followed a general discussion of possible club events. Some of these are in the nature of community service, some to get amateur radio before the public, and others are purely for social and leisure activities. Noted were the Oregon QSO party in May, Crazy Days (July), Hog Wild Days (June, Island City), ARRL Field Day (late June), Union County Fair (early August), Celebrate La Grande and Cycle Oregon (September), and possibly a club foxhunt and picnic during the summer.

Show and Tell: Graham brought a homebrew foxhunt two-element beam antenna and an rf attenuator box. He demonstrated its use and quoted an actual occurrence in Decatur, GA, when it was used to track an accidental jamming signal. He also brought a laptop computer, intending to demonstrate “internet hamming” on CQ100 but could not access a wireless internet router in the room.

Graham then polled the members to learn what specific area of amateur radio each member preferred. Interests ranged from CW to old-time AM operations through 2 meters. It appears that there are more than enough interest areas to keep the group in programs for the year. Programs at meetings are the responsibility of the Vice President, Larry Wilson.

Before adjourning, Graham turned over a bank pouch containing $158.25 to treasurer Chuck Rich. This amount was left in the account of the original club when they dissolved.

Members were reminded that dues of $20 per family are due and payable in January of each year.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:55 p.m. for eyeball QSOs.

Respectfully submitted,

Barbara Hicks, KB7DRI
Acting secretary