Area Amateur Radio Repeaters:

Union County

  • W4PJS
    146.98- 100Hz tone La Grande (Hospital)
  • La Grande Repeater System
    444.925+ 146.2Hz tone La Grande (Mt. Harris)
    EchoLink Node #727358
  • Spout Springs Repeater Association
    146.80- 123.0Hz tone Spout Springs
  • W7NYW Repeater System
    144.55- 110.9 Hz tone Cove (Mt. Fanny)

Wallowa County

  • Joseph Repeater System
    147.000+ 103.5 Hz tone Joseph
    System Fusion Digital Code 103
    EchoLink Node #323569

Public Safety:

Description Frequency (MHz)
Elgin Police 154.995
La Grande Police 155.850
La Grande Fire 155.445
La Grande Ambulance 155.340
Union County Emergency Services 155.145
Union County Repeater 155.830
Union County Road Department 155.940
Union County Sheriff 155.430
Union County Search & Rescue 155.805
Union County Tactical Repeater 155.700
National Weather Service 162.400
Oregon Department of Transportation La Grande Section 156.165
Oregon Department of Transportation Meacham Section 151.085
Oregon Department of Transportation Ontario Section 154.085
Oregon State Police 154.905


Description Frequency (MHz)
Union Pacific Railroad 160.740
Union Pacific Railroad 160.515
Union Pacific Railroad Mobile 160.290
Union Pacific Railroad Yard 160.680
Union Pacific Railroad Maintenance 160.605
Union Pacific Railroad Missouri Northern 160.410
Union Pacific Railroad Burlington Northern 161.100

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Call Sign
Frequency (MHz)
W4PJS 146.38/98