Ham Radio Nets

What is a ham radio net you may ask? Think of it as a online chat room, but using your radio. Usually these have a moderator¬† known as “Net Control Operator”. Most nets revolve around a specific purpose, others known as “Rag Chew” nets can vary in topics. These nets are usually scheduled and have a set frequency and emission type. It can be via Phone, CW, RTTY, just about anything!

Here are a few local nets to be aware of.

  • Grand Ronde Radio Amatuer Association (W7GRA 146.980)
    • W7GRA Sunday Night Net
      • Every Sunday Night at 7pm
      • Semi-directed Rag Chew
  • Spout Springs Repeater Association (WF7S 148.800)
    • Nightly Net
      • Monday – Friday 8pm
      • Directed Rag Chew
    • Business Net
      • 1st and 3rd Sunday of the month, 7:30pm
      • Directed Net to provide information to the SSRA members
    • ¬†Weather Net
      • Everyday 6am
      • Directed Net to gather local weather observations. That data is forwarded to NOAA and the Oregon Emergency Net

National and Regional Nets

  • Noontime Net
    • Please check their site for the latest info.
  • Blue Mountain Net
    • Every Tuesday, LSB 3955khz at 19:45 pacific time
  • Oregon Emergency Net
    • meets daily on or near 3980 kHz at 1800 local time.

Not finding a net you might be interested in? Google ham radio nets or search the ARRL Net Directory.