June 26, 2014

Summary of Grande Ronde Radio Amateur Association monthly meeting of 6/26/2014

Present were Gary Anger W7GFA, Joel Hinshaw KD7JG, Larry Wilson W7IXZ, Nancy Wilson W7IYH, Steve Hendrix KA0DEK, Ted Ivestor N7NSL, Chris Noyes KG7CEL and Camber Bybee KB7GRX

Ted reviewed minutes of last meeting. Major points were on the upcoming Field Day at Bird Track Springs campground on 6/28 and 6/29, and on the Union County Fair booth.

Last Fox Hunt’s winner was Marc Shaffer, KC7NXX. Marc won even without the use of a direction finding antenna. He was followed closely by W7GFA and YL, and KA0DEK.

Our next Fox Hunt will be on 7/12/2014 at 1500, immediately following the Picnic which begins at 1200 and will be held at Pioneer Park in La Grande.

Treasurers report. Lois Rogers donated $20 to the club. We have $1,952.98 in the account, this, after having expenditures of $180 for the fair, and $59.20 for club dinner after the last Fox Hunt.

Membership. We have 16 paid members.

New business. For the fair, Marc Larson had asked if anybody might have a lock box or such item wherein we could lock our equipment each night while the fair is in session, to alleviate having to haul it out and back in each night and day. Since nobody present has an adequate lockable box that could not be hauled off we agreed we would pack it out and back in, and that we would coordinate the details as the fair approaches. We still have one meeting before the fair.

We discussed what modes etc to work at the fair and discussed using 2 meters, maybe Echolink, HF Phone and CW.

So far volunteers to work the faire are Ted, Larry, Nancy, Gary, Joel, and Chris. We agreed to coordinate shifts largely by e-mail.

The Fair dates are from Wednesday July 30th to and including Saturday August 2nd.

The upcoming Picnic is July 12th at Pioneer Park. 1200 kickoff, with a 1500 Fox Hunt.

After all business discussion was over, Joel demonstrated the Field Day Log-in program to all.

Meeting adjourned at 2010, with many members staying behind to recount true stories of past ventures.

Of note, July’s meeting will be the 4th Wednesday at the Fire Station, and not the 4th Thursday, due to scheduling constraints.