March 27, 2014

The March meeting for the GRRAA was held March 27, 2014, Thursday at the La Grande Fire station meeting room.

Old Business
Field Day  this year to be held at Bird Track Spring camp ground June 28th and 29th.  We are hoping to have more operators this year to log more contacts.  We have had at least three stations setup in the past and hope for that or more again this year.  So if you you can, come up and do some operating to help improve our score this year.  You can contact Ted N7NSL or myself Joe KD7JG if you have any questions or concerns.

Fair Booth this year will try and have an HF station setup and a VHF station operating.  It was mentioned that we should try and have more modes of operation this year like CW and Digital modes.  Dates this year for the Union Co. fair is not set yet but will be late July or early August. Contact for information or to help out is Gary W7GAR or Mark K7OWG.

Swap Meet is scheduled for September 13th at the Fair Grounds. Contact Mike KF7STP for information.

Club Picnic is scheduled for July 12th at River Side Park and there will be a Fox hunt following the picnic.

New Business
Fox Hunt dates were set.  The first being May 10th, second July 12th and the last on September 13th.  All will start at 3:00 PM and will conclude with the club buying dinner for the Fox and the Hunters.  Contact Graham W4PJS for information.

Ted N7NSL gave a report on the local repeaters in the area.  The 147.26 machine on Mt. Fanny is up and working well.  The UHF repeater on Mt. Harris is also operational.  Graham’s 146.98 machine is up and working however coverage is lacking due to antenna location and power.  We are working on finding a new home for Graham’s machine with better coverage for the valley.

Ted also mentioned the 7th area QSO party contest coming up May 3rd and 4th.  He also displayed his hard won first place certificate for last year’s Union County entry!

Jeff Crews talked about the hardware upgrades done at the EOC Emergency communications center.  New Coax feed line and new antenna tuner have been installed.

Program consisted of a talk about VHF and HF packet radio and the hardware and software required to operate the mode.  As luck would have it, I was unable to get my Kantronics TNC to talk to my lap top even though it was up and running all day Wednesday before the meeting.  Murphy is apparently alive and well.

Submitted by Joe KD7JG sitting in for Mark K7OWG.

73, Good DX