June 10, 2015

[Editor’s note:  The club normally meets on the third Wednesday of each month.  However, a scheduling conflict with our hosts caused moving the meeting one week earlier.  July’s meeting is scheduled for 7/15/2015.]

Meeting began at 7:00 PM

In attendance were:
Joel Hinshaw, KD7JG
Mike Orcutt, KF7STP
Joe Nolan, KB7WDI
Michael Abernathy, KG7UAV
Brian Don, KF7UED
Nancy Wilson, W7IYA
Barbara Hicks, KB7DRI
Steve Hendrix, KA0DEK
Graham Hicks, W4PJS
Chris Noyes, KG7CEL
Larry Wilson, W7IXZ
Camber Bybee, KB7RGX

Conducted round-robin introductions.
Joel recapped last months meeting.
We have 22 paid members as of 6/10/15 with $1750.95 in the bank.

Thanks to Ted N7NSL for getting the club repeater W7GRA/R up and running back at the Hospital location.  Also thanks to Graham W4PJS for donating his Icom repeater, cavity filters, amplifier, antenna etc to the Club.  The new Yaesu repeater is working very well and Mike KF7STP reporting that he is able to work into it from Union with no problems using 5 watts from his hand held.

Field Day.  Decided to return to Bird Track Spring State Park again this year where there are lots of antenna support structures already in place and the electrical noise level is low.  It looks like there will be 3 stations in operation with Ted, Gary and Camber. Other club members are encouraged to come out and help man the stations with logging operations or operating behind the mic.  Lets help these guys out all we can.  Field Day is June 27 and 28.

Fox Hunt.  Still looking at September (no hard date set yet) for the first Fox Hunt so there is still time to get you equipment ready. New antenna or attenuator.

Insurance.  No report as Gary W7GFA was not at the meeting and he has been working on getting the information.  Joel got an email from the ARRL regarding the Club Insurance program it operates and sent that information on to Gary.

Graham reported that Lois Rogers KA7BBE became a silent key recently.  Lois was active in Ham Radio both HF and VHF and in the local Ham clubs for many years.  She was always willing to help if any one called on the La Grande repeater.  She will be missed by all who knew her.

The program consisted of the announcement that Joel will be building a simple tube type CW transmitter and will document the process throughout the coming months.  The transmitter is a 75 watt input with a 1625 final amplifier tube and a 12BY7 oscillator. It will be crystal controlled.  Joel is just getting started and still in the gathering parts phase.  More to follow.

Joel KD7JG