May 20, 2015

Meeting began at 1906. In attendance were:

Gary Anger W7GFA
Mike Orcutt KF7STP
Camber Bybee KB7RGX
Ted Ivestor N7NSL
Steve Hendix KA0DEK
Marc Shaffer KC7NXX
Joe Nolan KB7WDI
Steve Ratzlaff AA7U
David Jensen W7DFJ
Barbara Hicks KB7DRI
Nancy Wilson W7IYA
Graham Hicks W4PJS
Joel Hinshaw KD7JG
Larry Wilson W7IXZ
Jeff Crews KE7QYU
Mike Abernathy call sign pending

Conducted round-robin introductions.

Gary read last month’s minutes. no changes

Membership: 21 paid members

Treasury: $2230.95 in kitty. Mike issued a $500 check to Ted for repayment for the new club repeater, dropping the treasury down to $1730.95.

The club members thanked Ted for obtaining the new repeater.

Status of the 146.980 repeater. We have it, and it works, though not installed. It is simple to set up and operate. It is not complex, with no bells and whistles. Ted has begun moving components and equipment to the new/old/future location of the Grand Ronde Hospital. He would like help from willing personnel to move more on Saturday (5/23/15). As for the old repeater, Graham recommended we try to sell it for what we can get and he will give the proceeds to the club.

Field Day. Discussed potential sites and the pros and cons and agreed to hold at Bird Track Springs again this year. Dates are 27 and 28 June.

7QP QSO Party results. Steve H made 45 contacts, Ted made 24 contacts, and Joel made one.

SEAPAC in Seaside Oregon. June 5-7. Ted and David Jensen plan to go.

Fox Hunts. Next Fox Hunt will be in September. Date to be determined.

Insurance. Gary tried to call the carrier, but no answer. He sent in a more detailed request via e-mail with no response to it. Gary will continue to pursue.

Back to the new repeater. We need to install, take measurements, and document. Larry Wilson will help tackle these issues.

Graham brought in some La Grande Observer clippings from the club’s first field day held at Morgan Lake. He also brought in some direction finder attenuator schematics for anybody interested.

David Jensen said that the County and ODOT need to have an agreement, as a first step, in order to allow use of the radio equipment trailer that is to be used in case of emergency. Dave will pursue.

Larry Wilson has cleaned up most of the e-mail discrepancies.

Show and Tell of the new repeater began at 2000, after which club members dispersed.