QSL Bureau

One of the thrills of Amateur Radio is receiving a QSL card from one of your contacts. Some people send them electronically via one of the many internet based log books like Log Book of the World or you can get them the old fashion way via the good old Postal Service. There is nothing like your first card and it will have a special spot in your collection. But what about your DX out of country contacts, how does those get state side?

And in steps in the QSL Bureaus. There are 15 call area bureaus  scattered around the country and they sort incoming QSL cards by the number in your call sign. So if you have a “7” in your call sign, then the ARRL 7th District QSL Bureau handles your cards! The 7th District Bureau is sponsored by the Willamette Valley DX Club and is located in Boring Oregon.

If you have made any contacts, you probably have some cards waiting for you. Please contact  them at their website WVDXC.ORG so you can learn more about this great organization!