APRS – Automatic Packet Reporting System

APRS is a very interesting aspect of Amateur radio. Originally called, Automatic Position Reporting System, it was mostly known for vehicle tracking. But it does so much more. You can receive weather reports, info on local repeaters, road reports, local news, and even send text messages between users. Please check out APRS.org and the APRS Wiki, to learn more about APRS. There is a lot to this portion of the hobby and these sites are the authority on the subject.

APRS National VHF Frequency : 144.390 Mhz
APRS Northwest Regional UHF : 440.800 MHz
Other National and International Frequencies, Please check the APRS Wiki



NWAPRS Blog Blog for what is happing in the world of APRS in the Northwest
APRS.FI – You can use this site to look up APRS traffic in an area, or locate APRS objects and vehicles.

Known Local APRS Objects

ALAKES– Anthony Lakes WX Station
Howard – Mt. Howard Weather and Digipeater
147.260LG -Mt. Fanny Repeater
444.925LG – Repeater
KB7DZR-10 – 2M IGate Joseph Oregon
KB7DZR-13Joseph Oregon Weather
WX7PDT-National Weather Service Pendleton
KK7JX-10  – 2meter IGate in La Grande Oregon
LAGRND – Digipeater


GRRAA club does not own any APRS systems, but some of its members do operate APRS objects and radios in the area.