February 2017

Present were:

w7gfa gary anger
kf7stp mike orcutt
ki7fxj tyson brooks
ki7gzs tim wong
kg7yux jeff cooper
kd7jg joel hinshaw
ka7ish jessee hale (and Hirom)
ka0dek steve hendrix

meeting was called to order at 1903 by steve henrix and we recited the pledge of allegiance to the united states of america.

mike gave the treasury report. since last meeting we added $260 in dues. we paid out $200 for insurance premiums and $14.57 for a sympathy card and a file cabinet for $214.57 in expenditures. That leaves $2419.74 in the club treasury.

We will need to elect new officers at next months meeting. Gary will send out an email to that effect.

Steve Hendrix announced he will be moving back to Kansas City Missouri in a few days so is stepping down as our club president.

Repeater update: Per Joel, Mark Petersen was here recently and spoke with Ted and Larry Wilson. The ARRG may have a repeater they can put in place here.
No update on the La Grande repeater except that Tyson has been talking to Ted about getting the La Grande repeater sent out for upgrade to function with WiresX.

Steve Hendrix gave us an overview of the repeater on Mount Fanny, the 147.260 machine, and an update on the Mt Fanny OPB shack which will undergo upgrades and modifications this summer.

We discussed a date for a Fox Hunt. We decided on March 25th, at 2pm or 1400. Check in to the Fox Hunt on the La Grande repeater and move to 146.550 simplex for the hunt. Gary Anger will head it up. Anybody wanting to meet as a group can come to  Gary’s office at 1910 Adams Avenue La grande (Edward Jones Office) next to Moys.

The amateur radio exam session scheduled for 4 March is in question as Ted who coordinates the exams and has the exam materials has had to go to california for a few days.

Per Joel, start to think about Field Day, such as location preferences. Dates 24 – 25 June 2017.

Tyson brought up the SeaPac convention, dates 2 – 4 June 2017 in Seaside Oregon. Plan to Go.

Next meeting will be on 28 March 2017 at 7pm, or 1900 at the La Grande Fire Station.

Joel then displayed and talked about a five-element, 2 meter yagi antenna. He built it from OPB boneyard materials. Website HIGAIN has pdf’s to help one construct antennas.

Tyson discussed using a tape measure to fabricate antennas. Go to Ham Radio Concepts on youtube for more info (Eric Haufer) (spelling approximate)
Tyson also showed us an AP510 device, an APRS transceiver which can be configured to smart phone. We agreed to not try to go through TSA with one.

The meeting adjourned at 7:52PM.

submitted by W7GFA