January 1-23-2018

Meeting Minutes on 1/23/2018

Submitted by Gary Anger (W7GFA)
Today at 7:18 PM
Present were
KD7JG Joel Hinshaw (president)
W4PJS Graham Hicks
KD7CEM Don Magee
KG7UAV Michael Abernathy and Kandi Hall
KD7RVG Lonnie Shuntleff
N7NSL Ted Ivester
KI7FXJ Tyson Brooks
W7GFA Gary Anger
KF7STP Mike Orcutt
and Shannon Faulkner and her two daughters

The meeting began at 1858 hours.
We did round robin introductions.
Gary read the minutes of the November 2017 meeting. No changes.
We briefly discussed putting together a class for Technician Class aspirants.
Treasurers Report. Mike Orcutt reported $1985.47 in the checking account. We have collected $80 in 2018 dues tonight.
2018 dues are now due. $20 per year per family.

Old Business
The Christmas Potluck was held in December. All present had fun, though the turnout was low due to many having to work or sickness.

Tom Bingham has relinquished his duties in maintaining the club website with Tyson Brooks taking over. Tyson has added a tracker to the website to determine where people are at who are looking at our website. The site has had some visitors from overseas. (Ireland, Czech Republic, Hong Kong, Russian Federation)
Thirty-nine people have ‘liked’ the facebook page, with forty-four followers.

Tyson and Graham researched the club’s historic data and Tyson will incorporate that data into the club’s website. Anybody with any historic documents concerning the club are asked to contact Tyson.

Upcoming projects.
Joel recommended we pick one specific digital mode for the next workshop. Our next workshop will be on 3 February 2018 at 0930 (pacific time) at Ted’s residence (2702 North Ash, La Grande, Oregon USA).
Ted recommended going to YouTube to learn more about FL Digi, which will be the digital mode lesson for 3 February 2018.

New Business
Election of Officers
Tyson was elected as president and accepted the position
Joel was elected vice president and accepted the position
Gary volunteered to remain as secretary
Mike Orcutt volunteered to remain as treasurer
Those results were unanimously agreed with.

Tyson proposed that new licensees be given a complimentary one year membership to the club. That was agreed on by all present.

Jason Fouts and Larry Wilson began working on a mailing list whereby we will be asking them to come to club meetings and potentially become members. This was tabled until next meeting as neither Larry nor Jason were present tonight.

Tyson placed an advertisement in The Nickel, at no cost. It will run for eight weeks and advertise the club. Tyson will see if the La Grande Observer will run a club ad, he will contact local radio stations and see if they will run public service ads (psa’s). of note this first ad did attract one person present tonight.

We discussed the possibilities of holding classes for technician class aspirants. Graham offered his home as a venue for such classes. (900 Main Avenue, La Grande, Oregon USA). Ted Ivester volunteered to be the Point of Contact for such classes.

Tyson discussed the club setting up a live station at the upcoming Gun Show to be held on 24 and 25 February 2018 at the Blue Mountain Conference Center in La Grande, from 0900 to 1700 both days. Sign ups to man the station encouraged.

Gary briefed the Eagle Cap Extreme sled dog race just complete and solicited help for next year.
Gary reported paying club insurance and requested reimbursement ($200) – done.
THe Club license (W7GRA) expires on 5/2/2018. Gary will pursue.

We discussed changing our meeting time to 1800 instead of 1900. Ted will check with the Fire Chief to see if that is okay with the fire station’s schedule.

Joel discussed QSL cards and give us a historic overview, and proposed a method for us to pay the postage for QSL cards, short of which most QSL cards don’t reach destination. Joel recommended adding the QSL card information to our website.

At 2005 Ted began a presentation on the pride and prestige of building one’s own equipment versus using all store-bought equipment.
Websites to go to:
heilsound.com (look for amateur radio and pine board projects).

Ted recommended trying your hands at building various kits.

The meeting adjourned at 2025

Thank you Tom for your support in updating our website. 73’s