January 2017

Present were:

Gary Anger W7GFA
Mike Orcutt KF7STP
Ted Ivester N7NSL
Joel Hinshaw KD7JG
Graham Hicks W4PJS
Tyson Brooks KI7FXJ
Jessee Hale KA7ISH
Mike Abernathy KG7UAV

The meeting began at 1909 , brought to order by Ted
Gary read the minutes of the November 2016 meeting. No changes.
Mike gave the Treasurers report: we have $2,374.31 in the treasury, not including what dues were collected tonight. Those dues will be counted later. Ted mentioned there may be additional money owed to him from an auction item to be sold eventually.

Old Business
Sled Dog Race. Gary gave an update on the recent race which took place last week and solicited future participation by our local hams.
The club Christmas party went well. Some auction items were sold.

Club insurance update: new coverage through 2/1/2018 now. Gary requested $200 reimbursement (acquired)
October antenna building party was successful.
Fox Hunts: In February we will discuss dates for this years Fox Hunts.
Replacement Hardware for the 147.260 repeater. Ted will pursue, he will contact Mark Petersen. The repeater is sometimes scratchy and sometimes fine. Again we are willing to pay part of the replacement costs

Last fall we discussed our La Grande repeater and upgrading with wires X. Tyson related his experiences using wires X, so did Ted. Tyson is willing to let La Grande repeater use his wires X equipment . The La Grande repeater would need a factory upgrade in order to be able to use it with wires X. That may require up to three weeks to ship it out and get it back.
Ted asked if anybody present would be opposed to sending our repeater to Yaesu for said upgrade. No opposition. Ted will send our repeater to Yaesu for the upgrades.

Ted mentioned we need a UPS for the repeater and would look at costs and bring up at next meeting. Tyson stated he may have one we could use.

Ted reported he has secured the La Grande Fire Station for our use this year, on the 4th Tuesday each month with the exception of April 2017, and in April we will meet  on the 4th Wednesday, so the 26th of April 2017.

Joe Nolan (WB77WDI) lost his wife recently. Mike will obtain  a condolence card to send to Joe.

Joel has obtained his VE accreditation which helps tremendously with proctoring General class and Extra class exams now.
Gary has passed his Extra class exam also
Now we will have the capability to proctor all levels of exams in La Grande

We discussed offering upgrade exams at the end of February 2017 or in early March.

Ted discussed the world of possibilities in ham radio, i.e. cw, digital, antenna building projects.
Mike stated that the Winter Field Day is January 28 and 29 beginning at 1900Z, ending 1900Z.

Ted suggested that we ll expand our experiences with ham radio.

Joel presented an audio amplifier to which one can plug in headphones or speakers. a homebrew amplifier.

Also Joel passed around an old Eveready volt/amp meter. Probably for use with drycell batteries.

The next GRRAA meeting is February 28th 2017 at the Fire Station in La Grande at 1900.

The meeting adjourned at 8:09PM.

Submitted by Gary Anger, W7GFA