July 25, 2017

Present were:
w7gfa gary anger
kb7rgx camber bybee
kd7jg joel hinshaw
w4pjs graham hicks
kf7stp mike orcutt
ki7fxj Tyson brook
kb7wdi joe Nolan
w7jsn Jason fouts
wyixz larry Wilson
w7iya nancy Wilson
kd7cem don magee
n7nsl ted ivester

1904 meeting opened by joel
gary read the minutes of 27 june 2017. no changes
treasurer report $2444.30 no change
we have 16 paid members and family members

those who have not paid dues please do so

field day 2017 is over. joel brought in a schematic on an audio interface unit that we could build.. joel will e-mail to all that schematic. that device would be helpful for operators at field day.

most recent field day computer incomparability was due to Apple to Windows barriers.

joel would like to better prepare for field day by testing our equipment prior to the event to identify and resolve problems. we discussed using more digital and more CW in future field days. larry asked if we should work on our field day antennas. members agreed. we should run some vertical antennas, we may be able to reach more distant stations that way.

fox hunts. still none scheduled. Tyson now has a directional antenna. anybody wanting to do an ad hoc fox hunt can send out an e-mail to the members collective e-mail address and suggest a time and date.

digital mode project. discussion of the power supplies ensued. many potential reasons for power problems were discussed. if you’re having issues with your digital equipment contact joel or larry.

new business. arrg 146.260 on mount fanny. joel asked the owners to leave the machine there but they are going to move it to cabbage hill. so we’re losing our two meter repeater on fanny.  Julian has a repeater on mount harris. ted will send us information on how to access that repeater.

sunday night net still using the 146.260 machine, but that machine is going to be moved to cabbage hill. we should move the sunday night net to the la grande repeater, the .980 machine starting this sunday.

summer club picnic. will be held on 9 September beginning at 1300 at joel and gails’ in Summerville. bring a side dish. all else will be provided by the club our .980 repeater has an upgrade available. ted is looking to see if it is worth our while and money to do the upgrade.

grant county has a new net. the john day club is doing a net every Tuesday evening at 1945 on 3995khz. they have invited us to participate. the name of the net is the blue mountain net.

mike orcutt has a 40 foot tower with rotator for sale, asking $400.

the program tonight brought to us by joel was on the upcoming solar eclipse of 21 august 2017. there is is qso party for the event from 1400 – 2200 UTC see the latest edition of QST for more information.

JB Brock, the Union County emergency coordinator asked if local amateur radio operators could possibly be able to provide communication help during the weekend of/day of/day after the total solar eclipse of 21 august 2017 if needed.  Jason fouts may be able to provide more information as JB Brock formulates his request.

the meeting adjourned at 2021

Correction to minutes of a previous month where I stated that the Field day is held the same day as Field Day. as Graham stated, field day is held the same day as the Search and Rescue Teams do an annual exercise.

Submitted by W7GFA Gary Anger