June 27, 2017

Members present:
w7gfa gary anger
kd7cem don magee
ki7fxj Tyson brooks
kb7rgx camber bybee
w7ixz larry Wilson
wyiyz nancy Wilson
kayish jesse hale
n7nsl ted ivestor

1908 meeting opened by Ted N7Nsl
gary read may meeting minutes. no changes
treasurer report: $2444.30
old business
field day is over. what can we do better?
we had 4 stations. we did have 6 operators show up who were visiting the area.  the logging network had technical issues. in part due to computer incompatibility in part due to distance between computers. contacts were sparse at first but eventually picked up. Tyson talked about brett clap who has a local tv channel and is interested in coming to field day next year to video the activities.  ted will have contact numbers from field day at next meeting. Ted lamented about the low turnout of club members at field day this year.

fox hunts. jesse purchased a directional antenna and gary agreed to help her test it out. members present agreed to get more active in fox hunts, getting better equipment and becoming more knowledgeable

digital interface project is on going. nobody showed up at Joels house on 5 June for the digita project.

new business: Mt Fanny repeater group still talking about moving it to dead mans pass.
Ted solicited our thought on the possibility of losing that repeater (see notes of 23 may 2017)

fox hunt. should we schedule one? or just meet informally and do a fox hunt?

Ted encourages all to continue to work on other digital interface equipment.

club summer picnic? time? place? too few members present tonight to make a decision.

Ted asked what does it mean to be a ham?
Discussion on antennas ensued.
another project we could undertake is the building of a device that we could plug in to a radio and plug in to two headphones and a speaker as well

Tyson brought in a his heathkit sb102 and its power supply to scrutinize

the meeting adjourned at 2006