Getting started with amateur radio (ham):

Radio and Telecom History

Thank you to Sarah and Alex Boyd for pointing me to the FSMG: Telecom Timeline. You two reminded me that I was missing an important part of our hobby, HISTORY!!
You can’t get to where your going, if you don’t know where you have been.                       Here are a few sites that show how communications have changed over the centuries.

Popular General Ham Radio Sites

      • ARRL: National Association for Amateur Radio, the leading organization for hams everywhere.
      • QRZ: Many resources including finding ham users by call sign, taking practice license exams and discussion forums.
      • EHAM: Many resources including equipment reviews and discussion forums.
      • WB7QIW: Hoodview Amateur Radio Club: Many resources including newsletters of regional activities and much more.
      • AC6V: Amateur Radio and DX Reference Guide: a treasure trove of resources and interesting ham info on virtually every topic.
      • Q code list: a listing from Wikipedia with the common shorthand codes that start with the letter Q which originated in morse code but continue in the voice/phone communications of ham radio as well.

HF and DX

          • NG3K Beam Headings: a Great Circle map you can print to see headings from Seattle .
          • QSL.NET Beam Headings: a VERY complete listing of country prefixes, headings to them, coordinates, times, distances, etc.
          • County Hunters’ Net meets daily from 6 a.m. to 3 p.m. PDT. Home frequency is 14.336 MHz (20 meters). For regional county hunting (Pacific NW) the frequency is 3.903 MHz.

Emergency Assistance:

Other area resources:

          • Spout Springs Repeater Association (SSRA) operating a 2 meter repeater at Spout Springs (30 miles North of La Grande) on 146.800- 123.0Hz with wide coverage. A very friendly Cracker Barrel Net is scheduled Monday-Friday at 8PM Pacific discussing many topics.
          • Joseph Oregon Weather Not only a professionally constructed weather site that is consistently ranked in the top 5 nationally, this is also a web site for the KB7DZR repeater system.  147.000+ 103.5 Hz, System Fusion Digital Code 103, EchoLink Node #323569.  This repeater system also acts as the communications hub for the Eagle Cap Extreme Sled Dog Race in January with linked repeater systems, VHF remote bases, and EchoLink Conferences.

Ham radio equipment manufacturers:

Ham radio equipment retailers:

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