May 23, 2017

Present were:
W7GFA Gary Anger
Kf7STP Mike Orcutt
Ka7ISH Jesse Hale
KB7RGX Camber Bybee
KF7UED Brian Don
KD7CEM Don Magee
KI7FXJ Tyson Brooks
KI7NMH Bruce Kevan
KD7JG Joel Hinshaw
W7IYA Nancy Wilson
W7IXZ Larry Wilson

the meeting commenced at 1912. Gary read the minutes of last months meeting. Graham stated that field day is always the same weekend as field day. no changes to minutes.

treeasuers report $2264.30. 4 new members paid dues bring treasury to 2444.30 with 16 paid members to date

old buisiness

7qp party 6 and 7 may. club members who tried to make contact had little success due to poor conditions.

field day at bird track springs camp sit, june 24 and 25. joel will likely not be able to set up his trailer as usual this year. ted has a a friend   coming up from california with a mobile unit. joel encourages all to all cout and operate and help run equipment

camber stated the performance of his field day antenna is less than desirable and would like ideas on improving its performance or would use another antenna if anybody can help fabricate one .  ted and tyson will bring some dipoles to field day .  joel will also bring antennas.  we can use voice, cw, and digital at field day. ted will update the logging program software.

joel asked what projects or activities club members would like to see happen ie. antenna buiolding.
let joel know your thoughts

fox hunts. none scheduled.six people present interested in working on directional antennas for fox hunts.
we discussed setting dates to meet to build the antennas. it may take a couple of sessions from start to finish

group wanting to meet to build directional antennas and digital mode equipment will meet at Joels on 5 june at 1800 at 210 main street summerville oregon, and on may 27th at Teds at 0930 hours at 2702 North Ash in La Grande oregon.
bring a soldering iron, a fixture for holding circuit boards, and your favorite tools for such projects if you have them.  the conversation moved on to building digital mode equipment.

ted pointed out that digital modes work better when the bands are poor, better than voice.

the mount fanny repeater 147.260, the owners might want to replace tit with a 440 repeater and take the existing .260 repeater and relocate it to dead mans pass and link it to the proposed 440 repeater.

la grande’s .980 repeater is back and installed. the microphone volume is a bit’s wires X is functional.

at 2001 joel showed us a digital interface box, describing the components and parts.  lots of discussion ensued.

joel recommends anybody wanting to use digital start thinking about which program he/she would like to use at least to start out with.

the meeting adjourned at 2015 following which tyson showed those still present some computer enhanced communications programs.

submitted by w7GFA