August 28, 2014

Membership: 17 paid up members
No Treasurers report

Reviewed the Union County Fair Activities.
From the contacts at the Fair we received 7 QSL cards. During the course of the Fair we met two possible Examinees, one desiring to test for Technician, and one for possible upgrade to General.

We discussed doing an antenna project. Still pondering dates and type(s) of antennas to build. Discussed various antennas we may consider building. Possible date decided – early October. Agreed the club will buy components and ask that those who build an antenna reimburse the costs to the club.

Discussed ARRL Insurance to cover events such as Antenna Building, Field Day, etc.

We ask the Mike look into the insurance for the club.

Fox Hunt, September 13th. Unknown how many participants there may be. Steve Hendrix, if able, will act as the Fox. If he doesn’t call out W7GFA will do a call to see who is out there and we will undertake a Fox Hunt if there are participants.

New Business: Time to update the club status with ARRL. We agreed to update by the end of this calendar year.

Steve Hendrix recommended we put a microphone and a speaker on the Mt Fanny repeater. This is for safety reasons, for personnel working in that site. Ted said he would take up the topic with Julian P. It was noted that that site is owned by the ARRG.

Present at meeting were:
Gary Anger W7GFA
Marc Shaffer, KC7NXX
David Jensen W7DFJ
Steve Hendix KA0DEK
Barbara Hicks KB7DRI
Graham Hicks W4PJS
Ted Iverson N7NSL

Next meeting is at 1900 on 9/25 2014