February 27, 2014


Minutes from February 27, 2014 meeting

Mark Larson K7OWG
Ted Ivester N7NSL
Graham Hicks W4PJS
Gary Anger W7GFA
Mike Orcutt KF7STP
Joel Hinshaw KD7JG
Don Magee KD7CEM
Brent Linville KE7LXY
Julian Pridmore-Brown KK7JX
Barbara Hicks KB7DRI

Total: 10

Meeting called to order at 19:04

Minutes from January 22, 2014 were read and accepted.

Treasurer’s Report: Current balance is $2182.10

Membership report: We currently have 11 paid members. Membership chairman, Gary Anger W7GFA, suggested that we send out invitations to join the club to every ham in Union County.

OLD BUSINESS: Suggested activities for 2014 were discussed as follows:

  • Field Day…Ted will head the Field Day activities. We need more participation this year.
  • Crazy Days…We agreed NOT to get involved this year unless someone steps up to lead the effort.
  • Fair Booth…Mark will again chair the committee and Gary will co-chair.
  • Swap Meet…Mike will again chair. We’ve picked a tentative date of September 13.
  • Fox Hunts…Graham will come up with some prospective dates.

A licensing test session will be held on Saturday, March 1, at 5:00 PM at the CHD Building.

SHOW & TELL…Joel demonstrated how to build coaxal antenna traps. Thanks Joel for an interesting program.

GOOD OF THE ORDER…Mike described how he put his radio functions on his computer to be able to operate it remotely. He is offering the remote use of his radio to club members via their computers.

Meeting was adjourned at 19:55.

Respectively submitted by Mark Larson K7OWG