September 25, 2014

Meeting began at 1900.

Reviewed agenda from August meeting. No changes.

The club made $50 from table rentals, and $20 from sales at the 9/13/14 swap meet.

There was to have been a Fox Hunt on 9/13 but it did not occur. Gary and Marc Shaffer were the only two operators standing by to participate.

We have $1,830.55 in the Treasury.

Ted attended the Oath Keepers meeting held at the library in La Grande on Tuesday. There were six people in attendance. Ted discussed the roles of amateur radio, and how to become licensed. He expects that some of the members in attendance will desire to become licensed. The president of the group wants to get an emergency communications net up, using repeaters. Ted agreed to keep in contact with this group.

New Business.

Larry Wilson discussed us possibly naming a new club trustee with ARRL as he is still receiving mail at his old address. He is still willing to remain as trustee, but at a minimum we need to get his mailing address changed. We agreed we likely should have a club officer serve as the Responsible Party for making sure that our credentials with all entities are kept current.

Gary agreed to discuss this issue with Ted. Larry has downloaded the form required, but more work needs to be done.

Joel Hinshaw responded to two QSL cards from the Union County Fair.

We still need to respond to seven QSL cards from contacts made at the Union County Fair. Mike is to provide us with the club QSL cards.

We discussed the logs from events such as the County Fair and Field Day. It is recommended that we use UTC only when logging times. Handwriting is also an issue, so using and/or transferring to an electronic log is the recommendation. We discussed having a dedicated laptop for future events for logging.

David Jensen discussed the State Technology Reserve (TSR). There is a van kept locally with communication equipment, to be used by ARES. The van contains a generator, an HF radio, and antenna and tower. We discussed using the van for Field Day and possibly setting up in La Grande for more visibility and contact with the public. Dave will talk to Jeff Cruze about that idea. The van is parked in the ODOT parking lot in La Grande.

Tonight was our next-to-last meeting in 2014. October will be our final formal meeting in 2014. During the October meeting we will discuss holding a Christmas get-together.

It was announced that Senator Walden received the Barry Goldwater award for his support to Amateur Radio. Information is available on the ARRL website.

Larry Wilson did a superb presentation on NVIS antennas.

Steve Hendrix will do a presentation October.

In attendance were
Gary Anger W7GFA

Larry Wilson W7IXZ

Steve Hendrix KA0DEK

Bill Hendrix W0FCE (visiting from Kansas City, MO, Steve’s father, and licensed since 1947!!!!)

Steve Ratzlaff AA7U

Jessee Hale KA7ISH

Nancy Wilson W7IYA

David Jensen W7DFJ

Joseph Nolan KB7WDI

Graham Hicks W4PJS

Barbara Hicks KB7DRI

The meeting adjourned at 2025.