October 21, 2015

Present were:

W7GFA Gary Anger
N7NSL Ted Ivestor
KD7CEM Don Magee
KG7UAV Mike Abernathy
Kandi Hall
W7IYA Nancy Wilson
KB7DRI Barbara Hicks
W7IXZ Larry Wilson
W4PJS Graham Hicks
KD7JG Joel Hinshaw
KG7WQM John Shown
KA0DEK Steve Hendrix
KB7RGX Camber Bybee
KC7NXX Marc Shaffer
KF7UED Brian Don
KF7STP Mike Orcott

President (Ted) called meeting to order at 1905.

Summary of Minutes of last meeting delivered by Joel as follows:
(Note: President and Secretary not in attendance of last month’s meeting)

Chris Noyes showed his homebrew 2M foxhunt antenna. Not much else occurred at last month’s meeting.

10/21/15 meeting:
Treasury Report: $1790.95 in treasury.
Membership: 21 paid members as of July 2015.

Members present discussed the upcoming foxhunt. (more to follow)

Old Business. The 146.980 repeater is working well. Larry is still working on getting our new repeater registered. Ted is working on the amplifier.

Summer BBQ. Somewhere between 26 and 30 people showed up to the Hicks’ home on Labor Day for the club BBQ. Someone left behind a casserole dish. Please claim it (or it may be subject to being auctioned off at the Christmas get-together on 12/10/15).

The FoxHunt will take place on 10/24/2014, with Graham kicking it off at 1450 on frequency 146.550, asking for check-ins. The FoxHunt will take place in the city limits of La Grande/Island City.

ARES Membership. JOIN. ARES operates out of the Union County Emergency Operations Center (EOC) normally. Last ARES event however was operated out of Ted’s home. Next year in April will be held another SET. It would be nice to have people rotate in and out throughout the exercise. Exact date will be published in the future. EOC antennas need some repair. The next ARES meeting will be possibly on 11/2/2015. Ted will e-mail more information to club members, and will include information to let us know what each person needs to do in order to become certified as an ARES member and have access to the EOC.

Club Insurance. On hold due to cost. Discussion ensued. For the time being the purchase of club insurance remains on hold.

Mark Larson’s equipment auction. Ted described some of the equipment up for auction. Questions were asked concerning how we should auction off the items. Joel recommended a silent auction, piece by piece, but that we should set a starting/minimum price. Mike Orcott offered to be the ‘bid coordinator’ and keep members informed of the bids, keeping bidders anonymous. Mike asked Ted to set the minimum starting bid. Club officers will help Ted establish starting bid value of each item.

New Business.

Antenna building project was held at Ted’s on 9/19/15.

Christmas Potluck. Jeff Crews has offered to hold it at his residence again, and the date is set for Thursday 12/10/2015, to begin at 1800. Graham will cook a turkey and asks that all attending bring side dishes. Mark your calendars and bring in any ham radio or related items that you may want to auction off.

Ted brought in some Polo Shirts from Yaesu which were given to the club when the club purchased the new repeater.

Back to the Fox Hunt. Graham volunteered to serve as the Fox. Check-ins will start at 1450 on 146.550 simplex, on 10/24/2015.

PROGRAM. Ted gave us a rundown of the antenna-building project of 9/19/15. Joel and Ted showed one of the antennas they built.

Our next monthly meeting will be on 11/18/2015 at the La Grande Fire Station at 1900.

Steve Hendrix said he could likely provide some materials for the building of VHF and UHF antennas for a future antenna-building project.

Per Larry, those interested in meteor scatter comms should check out website Ping Jockey.

The meeting adjourned at 8:02 pm.