April 26, 2016

Grande Ronde Radio Association: Minutes of 4/26/2016

Meeting called to order by Steve at 19:03 PST

Pledge of Allegiance.

Michael Read the minutes from last Meeting, Minutes approved.

Treasurer’s Report: Current Balance is $2256.20

Old Business:

  • 7qp
    • Ted Presented the 7QP website
    • mobile operators needed
    • union county is popular, as there aren’t many operators out there.
    • 24 hour event
  • Field Day
    • Bird Track seems to be the place
    • advertising for event, extra points. discussed options for advertising
      • radio stations
      • the observer
    • discussed locations for the public eyes.
    • public service people to visit to get extra points
      • discussed options for Police Department, and Fire Department visitors
      • the observer
      • Ted to talk to the county emergency manager
    • GOTA station
      • not something that most are interested in
    • 6m and 2m station doesn’t count towards station count
      • would rather this than a GOTA station
    • 11 am start time
    • camp host has been there before
      • could cause issues if they have a noise cut off at 10pm
  • discussion about previous fox hunt, thoughts on how to perform better next time.
  • Tim and team members to work on info for transmitter for fox hunts, to bring in info to next meeting.
  • Emergency Training. Ares event last weekend
    • friday at 13:30 to saturday 13:30
    • Cascadia rising, in first day or two in June
    • Simulated emergency event in October.
    • Needing Bodies
  • End fed Antennas
    • Ted wants a couple members to help design the kits for antenna building event
  • New Fire Marshal Gus Bryant is a Ham Radio Operator
    • Ted will talk to Gus about usage of the fire hall for next month
  • Another Fox hunt
    • June 11th 14:00 PST
      • John, Mike A.
      • possibly Jessie, and Camber
      • Since the meeting…. This is the same day as the event for Charline’s memorial event at Emigrant Springs State Park. Jessie and Mike will NOT be available for a foxhunt on this date. I think the same was the case with Camber. Mike Abernathy will try to get more info and forward it on to the club.
  • Message from Gary… He is visiting Texas. He had sent a text to Ted.

New Business

  • LDS church is hosting the Emergency Communications Open House
    • May 14th, 2016
    • La Grande LDS Church at 1802 Gekeler Lane
    • Club booth in Co-ordination in Ares
    • 1-4pm arrive an hour before hand to set up.
  • Do we have a Banner, YES! Along with the sandwich board sign.
  • VHF Field Day
    • June 11th-13th 1800 UTC Saturday through 0259 Monday
    • The second full weekend of September. Begins 1800 UTC Saturday and runs through 0259 UTC Monday (September 10-12, 2016).
  • SeaPack is the first weekend of June
  • Tim Brought up a club net, tabled
  • tower work and antenna work, tabled until next meeting.

Ted and Joel Hour ensued.

  • Joel,
    • Keep logs in order by using UTC time. Keep in mind the Date. Joel setting up a schedule for a DX contact using UTC Time and Date.
  • Ted,
    • Presented some Logging software
      • GenLog v8.20

Steve spoke about Lucille Ball,

meeting Adjourned at 20:42 PST

Attendees: 17

KE7WDI Joe Nolan

Kandi Hall

Ashley Schlenker

Justin Abernathy

KB7RGX Camber Bybee

N7NSL Ted Ivester

BH1CVG Tim Wong

KG7WQM John Shown

W7IXZ Larry Wilson

W4PJS Graham Hicks

KD7JG Joel Hinshaw

KA7ISH Jessee Hale

KF7STP Mike Orcutt

KG7UAV Mike Abernathy

W7IYA Nancy Wilson

KB7DRI Barbara Hicks

KA0DEK Steve Hendrix