February 23, 2016

Grande Ronde Radio Amateur Association: Minutes of 2/23/2016

Meeting called to order at 19:05pm PST.

Michael read the minutes.

Treasurer’s Report: Current balance is $2356.60

Membership report: We currently have 18 paid members.

Old business:

  • Ted announced that Steve Hendrix[KA0DEK], has accepted the presidency position.
    • Steve is in a play at the Elgin Opera House
    • He will ‘take office’ in April
  • Discussion on the firmware upgrades took place.
    • The firmware numbers are very confusing, and not sequential.  
  • ORRC
    • repeater coordination registration process seems a little complicated.  
    • still in process
    • need readings on repeater for coordination
  • Ted Found the dry erase marker, to give us a list of websites for repeater searches(of which we are listed on).  
    • repeaterbook.com
    • repeaters.com
  • Ares membership 
    • Ted took a penciled list of interested names. 
    • Ted told us of:  the Manly Battle between the State and Ares.  Also said that this relationship seems to be on the mends.
  • Club Insurance 
    • Larry informed us that we have insurance effective February 1st 2016.  
    • With a cost of $200 a year, this is Basic insurance.  
    • Marc asked about locations that we are covered, and discussion ensued on…” if Ted would be covered for coffee burns acquired during a club event of repairing his tower”.
  • Bylaws (how to process recent changes)
    • Conversation concluded in:   no signatures needed(I think)
    • we needed to have it filed with the Secretary.  
    • Ted also said that Steve will receive a usb drive with all of the ‘club files’ on it.

New Business:

  • Projects
    • club insurance — done
    • bylaws — done
    • field days
      • Ted would like volunteers to take hold of the event.
      • We need to cover all aspects of the event
        • food
        • radios
        • locations
        • getting volunteers (even if scheduled)
      • General consensus was that we need to operate on multiple modes.
      • Michael volunteered to be a sub to someone that wants to take the lead.
    • Antenna Projects (discussion points as follows)
      • Different types of antennas
      • Vertical antennas
      • Larry Mentioned that, at field days we might use some vertical antennas. We are basically using NVIS due to the height of our antennas at the field day location.
    • Fox Hunts
      • We need to figure out on which dates and how many events to plan.
      • (play talk)Gary is to be the fox every time, in payment for this, he is to receive $1000.
    • Contests and special Events
      • 7QP  Dates: May 7th and 8th.
      • National Parks on the air (all of 2016)
        • Camber Mentioned possibly using the baker interpretative center.
        • Larry Mentioned that not submitting logs(including check logs), is like eating dinner but not paying the bill.  Discussion ensued.
      • Back on task the 7QP website is ws7n.net  (I put this as a link, as i typed it wrong and got my parental filter)

        Editor’s Note:  The link above is from a previous 7QP event.  Use this link for current information:  http://ws7n.net/7QP/new/page.asp?content=start

      • Larry mentioned that during 6-meter openings we are in a popular and rare grid.  We should take advantage of this.
    • Talk about learning new modes.  This learning process is better now, then when put on the spot.  PSK31 and the ‘scary fun’ mode of CW was discussed.  This discussion migrated to include field days.
  • Mark had to leave early to be a net control operator for a 2 meter net.  On his way out, He told us of Charlene Davis’ Celebration of Life gathering.  This event will be at the Community Building, at the Emigrant State Park. The events time and date… 11 am, on June 11th.
  • Projects again
    • WiresX
    • Summer BBQ
      • We reminisced about last year’s BBQ.  Thank you, again, to Graham and Barbara.
    • Christmas party
    • We need to help new Stations.  We discussed multiple reasons.
    • Somehow we got off topic to: The Washing and Waxing of the officers’ cars.
    • Discussion ensued on field days again.  Discussion lead by Gary.
    • Larry mentioned more home brew for club members.
      • Using printed boards
      • Building of the following
        • keyers
        • widgets
        • field strength meters
        • direction finding equipment
    • Fox hunts — discussion ensued
  • Joe mentioned membership cards/badges.  Discussion ensued.  A use was determined to be in need. 
  • Larry mentioned that we need to promote air usage.  Discussion.
  • Camber and Larry agreed, that real radio’s glow in the dark.  Larry also mentioned that they smell good when they burn off the dust. 
  • Ham radio retailers were discussed.
  • Steve and Ted are to talk about usage of the fire hall. 

Next Meeting is on March 22nd, 2016.


Joel Presented his home brew cw transmitter.  Also in his goodies bag, was a receiver, dummy load, and vibroplex keyer.  Ted was on his toes over the keyer.  Joel mentioned a possible next project: A VFO for his home brew CW transmitter.

Larry Shared that the SKCC has a novice Rig Round up, going on now.  With the aid of Joel’s transmitter, we are now able to recognize the slight Chirp when you hear these rigs on the air.

Meeting adjourned at 8:23 pm PST

Attendees: 14
W7EEK          David Hoeflein
KG7WQM      John Shown
KB7WDI        Joe Nolan
KB7DRI         Barbara Hicks

W4PJS           Graham Hicks
W7IYA           Nancy Wilson
W7GFA          Gary Anger
KC7NXX       Marc Shaffer
KB7RGX       Camber Bybee
W7IXZ           Larry Hinshaw
KD7JG           Joel Hinshaw
N7NSL          Ted Ivester
KF7STP        Mike Orcutt
KG7UAV       Michael Abernathy

Michael A Abernathy [KG7UAV]