July 26, 2016

Grande Ronde Radio Association: Minutes of 7/26/2016

Meeting called to order by Steve at 19:02PST.

Michael Read the minutes from last Meeting, Minutes approved as read

Treasurer’s Report: Current Balance is $2446.20

Paid Members and families: 22

Old Business:

  • Fox Hunt

    • Discussion of club paying for the meal
      • To not pay for it for lunch, or to
      • Maybe 1st 2nd and 3rd prize
    • Next one scheduled for August 20th 10 am

    • No host lunch after foxhunt. Concurred.

    • Checkin 9:45 am on the 98 repeater operate on 55 simplex

    • Ted to be a fox

    • New members to get ahold of Mike Orcut

    • Rain or Shine

  • Antenna Party

    • Ted has been experimenting with kits

    • End fed antenna designed for 40m to 6m

    • Tabled until next meeting

  • Steve has supplies for making 6m beams

New Business

  • Club repeater not being used much Tim proposed starting a weekly net
    • Saturday or Sunday
    • Sunday evening
    • Possibly 7 pm and work around the spout springs meetings
    • Don is on a net at 6 and 6:45
    • Need a new topic of the evening for each net
    • Tabled until next meeting
      • Also member numbers for this meeting are too low to gauge participation counts
      • Schedules will be slowing down for winter after next meeting, possibly will be able to drum up more participants due to the fall/winter schedules
  • KE7LXY Brent Linville and his family: this was their last meeting before moving! Wish them well on their next set of endeavors.

Show and Tell

  • Steve Brought in an N type connector
    • Silver plated
    • For VHF and UHF
  • Steve brought in an oldie but goodie antenna bridge
  • Steve also brought in a Webster wire Recorder!
  • We are into the Delta Acra ridge Meteor showers 20 Meteors per hour
  • Perseid meteor showers by the end of this week 100 meteors per hour
  • Special event stations were discussed, Steve talked about some of his experiences with impromptu special event stations
  • Steve to be speaking at Valley Fellowship by Pioneer park
  • Ted explained baluns for offset dipoles, and unums for end fed wires

meeting Adjourned at 20:12 PST


KD7CEM Don Magee

KE7LXY Brent Linville

KG7UAV Mike Abernathy

KF7STP Mike Orcutt

N7NSL Ted Ivester

BH1CVG Tim Wong

KI7FXJ Tyson Brooks

+1 kg7uav Ashley Schlenker

KA0DEK Steve Hendrix

+1 KE7LXY David Reed