June 28, 2016

Grande Ronde Radio Amateur Association: Minutes of 6/28/2016

Meeting called to order by Ted filling in for Steve who was out of town.

Joel read the minutes from last meeting , approved as read.

Treasurer’s report: Mike gave the account balance but I neglected to get it written down.

Old Business:

June VHF Contest- Held June 13. Larry W7IXZ gave a report on the event stating band conditions were not good during the event. He heard stations but most not workable.

SeaPac- Ted and Jessee attended this year, both enjoyed the event and Ted bought some vintage gear.

The Memorial Service for Barbara Hicks was held June 18th with many friends and relatives in attendance. There was a party in her honor afterwards at Graham and Barbara’s home.

7QP Contest- Joel brought his First Place for Union Co. Certificate. Ted and Larry were also active in the event.

Field Day- The club had 3 stations in operation at Bird Track Spring State Park. There were a few spare operators to help with operating and logging. We had 2 visitors from Washington state stop by and operated for several hours Mike did the IT setup with the WiFi connection and with Ted’s help upgraded the logging software to the latest version. Discussed some needed changes for next year, UPS for WiFi and audio splitters for multiple operators using head phones. Mike provided a hearty Taco soup for everyone Saturday evening. The event ran from 11:00AM Saturday to 11:00AM Sunday. The total points for the Club operation was up this year passing the 500 mark.

New Business:

Fox Hunt- The question was asked what the dates were for the next Fox Hunt and no one in attendance knew. I looked back in the Club email to see if I could find them but no luck. Hopefully someone will bring this information to the next meeting or send it out via the Club email. Tim has information for a specialized transmitter used for Fox Hunts and will bring that to the next meeting.

Club BBQ- The Club BBQ will be held September 5th at Joel and Gail Hinshaw’s home in Summerville starting at 1:00 PM.

Don plugged the Great Salt Lake Hamfest July 8th and 9th. Google “The Great Salt Lake Hamfest.org for information.

The Club Breakfast will be this Saturday at 9:00 AM at the Truck Stop.


Joel Hinshaw KD7JG

Larry Wilson W7IZX

Don Magee KD7CEM

Graham Hicks W4PJS

Brent Linville KE7LXY

Nancy Wilson W7IYA

Tim Wong BH1CVG

Gary Anger W7GFA

Tyson Brooks Testing 7/2/16

Mike Orcutt KF7STP

Ted Ivester N7NSL