September 27, 2016

Grande Ronde Radio Association: Minutes of 9/27/2016

Meeting called to order by Steve at 19:08 PST.

Steve Asked us to join him in the Pledge of Allegiance

Michael read the minutes from last Meeting, Minutes approved as read

Treasurer’s Report:  Current Balance is $2456.20

Paid Members and families: No report  (Mike Orcutt (KF7STP) is sick)

Old Business:

  • Fox Hunt
    • Gary and Jessee were the only attendees.
    • Need more participation
    • Next fox hunt is 29th of October at 1300 local time
    • 1 hour fox limit
    • Meet on the 146.98 repeater
    • Fox frequency is 146.55
    • Gary urged some of us to plan to make it.
    • Larry volunteered to use the email reflector to remind us!
  • Antenna Party
    • Scheduled for October 22nd at 10 am
    • Location Ted’s house  (N7NSL).
    • Project is an end fed antenna
  • Sunday Night Net
    • Sept 25th, there were 4 attendees: Tim, Ted, Gary, and Don.
    • Every Sunday night at 7pm
    • Would like to see more participation for those that can.

New Business:


  • Club Facebook Page


    • Jessee brought up creating a club Facebook page
    • There was some slight resistance
    • Once explanation as to who and when your friends can see content from the group page was given, most of the resistance went away
    • Might need to be setup as a private group, and then invites sent.
    • Jessee to setup and manage
  • Website Management
    • Tom has turned over website management to Michael Abernathy
    • Tom has been very busy with SKCC.
    • There were no objections to Mike taking that project over.
  • As Mike is going to be doing the website, he asked for volunteers to take the Secretary position.
    • Gary Anger volunteered after the new year.
    • There were no other volunteers, and the conversation fizzled off.
  • Annual Club Christmas Dinner
    • Tabled until October’s meeting
  • New Years Eve Straight Key night
    • Discussion ensued on individual and/or club participation
    • Discussion ensued on QLF, “left foot keying”
  • Ares Membership
    • Ted brought to our attention, that our local Ares Membership is down in numbers
    • Ted has since the meeting, sent out info for a few club members to get started!
  • N7MSH – Silent Key
    • Gary has brought to our attention, that Neal Chamberlain has passed away
    • Light hearted conversation about Neal ensued.
    • Memorial service was Sunday October 2nd at 10 am
    • Location was the park in North Powder
    • Contact Gary for info.
  • KC7NXX Moved
    • Mark Shaffer Has moved to Kahlotus Washington
  • Sled Dog Races
    • Gary pointed out that they need operators
    • Good food!
    • In January
    • Emails should be sent out soon.
    • This is a good chance to get out there and use the radio for a good/fun cause
    • Julian has made simple and has worked hard on making this a slick event
  • Tim Passed his General! — Please join us in congratulating him!
  • Club Breakfast
    • Next breakfast is October 8th

Show and Tell

  • Steve brought in an antenna made of coax for 2 meters.
  • Approximately 20 inches of braid pulled back over the coax sleeve
  • Great for portable and just to have in the car just incase!

meeting Adjourned at   20:15 PST

Attendees: 13

KD7CEM Don Magee

KG7UAV         Mike Abernathy

N7NSL           Ted Ivester

BH1CVG        Tim Wong

KI7FXJ            Tyson Brooks

KA0DEK         Steve Hendrix

KG7WDI Joe Nolan

KB7RGX Camber Bybee

W7IXZ Larry Wilson

W7IYA Nancy Wilson

KG7YUX Jeff cooper

KA7ISH Jessee Hale

W7GFA Gary Anger