November 22, 2016

The November meeting was called to order at 7:07 PM on Tuesday November 22 by Ted N7NSL sitting in for Steve KA0DEQ who was absent.

Joel KD7JG read the minutes from the October meeting without any additions or corrections.

Treasurers report:  Mike KF7STP stated we have 24 members as of November 22.  There is a balance of $2374.31 in the Club account after  Joel KD7JG submitted a receipt for expenses purchased for the Club picnic in September for $81.89.

Old Business:

The Extreme Sled Dog race is still looking for Ham operators to help out with this years race in Enterprise.  Contact KK7JX for information.

The Club Christmas party will be held December 8th at the Flying J restaurant at 6:30 PM.  On line voting was held and there were 9 votes for the Dec.     8th date and 3 for the Dec. 1st date.  Graham W4PJS moved for the Dec. 8th date at the truck stop and it was seconded.

Renewal of  the Club liability insurance was discussed again and Gary W7GFA stated that it was not up for renewal until February, 2017.  It was decided     to bring it up again after the first of the year.

Antenna building party at Ted’s garage on the 29th of Oct. was a success.  Participants built 4 end fed HF antennas and all worked reasonably well.          The Fox Hunt that was scheduled for the same day only had 2 participants and it was not determined if any foxes were found.

Replacement hardware for the 147.26 repeater on Mt. Fanny was discussed.  Ted N7NSL stated that he had not contacted Mark Peterson about the
possibility of replacing the Mt. Fanny repeater with a newer one with financial  help from the Club.  It was noted by several users that the repeater has     been experiencing some intermittent problems.

New Business:

There will be no meeting in December rather we will meet at the truck stop for a no host dinner on Dec. 8th.  The next regular meeting will be in             January on the 24th.

Gary W7GRA stated that Walt Davis W7ALT became a silent key recently.  Walt lived at Mecham and was active on the 146.80 repeater.

Tyson KI7FXJ said he has the hardware to enable Wires-X protocol on the Club repeater at the Hospital and is willing to donate it to the cause.  There     is also a required internet connection to be addressed along with a firmware upgrade for the repeater.

Members in attendance:

Joel Hinshaw            KD7JG

Mike Orcutt               KF7STP

Ted Ivester                N7NSL

Don Magee                KD7CEM

Graham Hicks            W4PJS

Chris Noyes                KG7CEL

Tim Wong                    KI7GZS

Tyson Brooks             KI7FXJ

Camber Bybee            KB7RGX

Gary Anger                W7GFA

Jessee Hale                KA7ISH

Submitted by Joel KD7JG