October 25, 2016

Grande Ronde Radio Association: Minutes of 10/25/2016

Meeting called to order by Steve at 19:06 PST.

Steve Asked us to join him in the Pledge of Allegiance

Michael read the minutes from last Meeting, Minutes approved as read

Treasurer’s Report:  Current Balance is $2456.20

Paid Members and families: 23 paid

Old Business:

  • Club Picnic

    • Joel to be reimbursed

  • Constitution and bylaws

    • Gary brought up that we need to have the website updated with current.

    • Discussion ensued about having them signed

      • Topic was dropped before that was decided.

  • Sled dog races (Eagle Cap Extreme) are needing ham radio operators

    • January 19th, 20th, and 21st

    • Julian has done training in the past.

      • Although we don’t know if he still does it

  • Christmas Party

    • Jeff (via 3rd party traffic) is happy to host again.

    • Larry brought up that we should check our options.

      • Discussion of options ensued

        • Daughters of Revolution (Island City Chamber) rents their nice hall

        • No Host @ Flying J

          • Mike A. to check days and put up for a vote.

  • Club insurance

    • Gary opted to pay for it, and Mike O. to Reimburse from club account.

  • Antenna Party

    • Saturday,  October 29th, at 1300 hours

    • Location: Ted’s house

  • Ares

    • Event on November 5th

    • David Jenson resigned as the Emergency coordinator, but has remained an active member of the local group.

    • We only have 3 bodies locally

  • Annual Sky-Warn

    • December 2nd and 3rd on 80 meters starting at 6 am

  • Sunday Night Net

    • 7pm on Sunday nights on the .26 repeater

    • Talk about the 145.51 ensued

    • Steve shared photos of the 26 facility

  • Replacement of .26 repeater

    • Talk about replacement of the .26 repeater

    • Members of the club, would like to share the cost of replacing the repeater

    • Larry mentioned the Motorola sr2000

    • Ted to email Mark Peterson to discuss our participation

  • Club FaceBook page

    • Jessie has a virus, which delayed the implementation of the page

    • Once she is back up and running she will get back on this task

We made introductions, as we had new members show up!

New Business:

  • Welcome KE7EAD!

  • Meeting for next month is Tuesday, November 22nd

  • Committee for Constitution

    • Discussion ensued, then fizzled off

  • Fox hunt

    • Saturday October 29th at 1300 hours

    • Antenna party is at the same time

meeting Adjourned at   20:06 PST

Attendees: 13

W7GFA Gary Anger

KE7EAD Jerry Brounstein

KD7JG Joel Hinshaw

W7IXZ Larry Wilson

W7IYA Nancy Wilson

W4PJS Graham Hicks

BH1CVG        Tim Wong

KD7CEM Don Magee

KG7UAV         Mike Abernathy

N7NSL           Ted Ivester

KB7RGX Camber Bybee

KA0DEK         Steve Hendrix

KA7ISH Jessee Hale