Field Day 2014

This year our club did quite well at Field Day, having the greatest number of contacts yet!

There were 3 stations running: Joel (KD7JG), Gary (W7GFA), and Ted (N7NSL). 3 members pitched in to add more contacts: Jesse Hale (KA7ISH), Chris (KG7CEL), and Larry (W7IXZ). Marc (KC7NXX), Steve Hendrix (KA0DEK), and Steve Baer (KC7FLP) assisted with the setup. Graham and Barbara Brought a bucket of KFC (essential) and a cake for lunch. Chris Noyes brought some great chorizo sausage for dinner.

Joel and Ted set up their stations Friday, the afternoon before, and had a great time enjoying the lightning and thunder from under the canopies of the camp trailers. It was a great show and added a great start to the weekend.

Camber (KB7RGX) ran a stand alone station and provided a number of phone contacts to up the count.

Contact results for the last 3 years are:

Mode 2012 2013 2014
CW 48 44 211
Digital 0 45 37
Phone 337 212 275
Total 385 301 523