September 26, 2017

Present were:
joel hinshaw kd7jg
graham hicks w4pjs
camber bybee kb7rgx
tyson brooks ki7fxj
gary anger w7gfa
jason fouts w7jsn
jullien pridmore-brown kk7jx

the meeting started at 1900 with joel presiding
gary read the minutes of the august 22nd meeting. no changes or comments.
there was no treasurers report

old business
the upgrade of the .980 la grand repeater. we have until sept 30th to accept the offer of the upgrade. There are a $300 and a $500 upgrade available. THe $300 upgrade includes ethernet capabilities. it allows repeater to repeater connectivity outside of wiresX, through the internet, wifi, or a personal network. Yaesu is not providing a lot of information on the upgrade capabilities. The $300 upgrade is dual band, crossband. It has 50 watts of power. Joel expressed concern about the deadline and that few members were present to vote. discussion ensued. the members present discussed the upgrade. tyson moved that we upgrade with the $300 version. jason seconded. we unanimously agreed to go ahead with the $300 upgrade. tyson will take care of purchasing with the members present permission, understanding he will be reimbursed. gary quoted our last treasurers report indicating we have $2444.30 in the treasury.

fox hunt. nothing scheduled. gary will send out e-mail soliciting input (this is the solicitation, please provide input to this collectiive e-mail address)

club picnic of 9/9/2017, we had a good turnout. we are soliciting input for future picnics.

digital project is still on going. for assistance in learning more or building an interface contact larry wilson and/or joel hinshaw

the latest edition of qst magazine discusses the upcoming 7-8 october 2017 SET. page 78 of qst or look it up on the arrl website

start thinking about our club Christmas party/dinner. think of location, time, and date.

we can solicit input via e-mail on the Christmas party. we will table this subject until next meeting since only seven members were present tonight.

ke7dry, bob nelson, a friend of tysons is largely exiting amateur radio activities and downsizing. he has given tyson a kenwood 2 meter mobile station which tyson will donate to the club. also he donated some items of ham radio interest.

steve from kennewick gave us a number of band plan and U.S. and Alaska grid square posters, for the taking.

camber stated that there are 50 amateur radio operators going to puerto rico for hurricane disaster relief. they will be using winlink . this is an impetous for us to gey more involved in ARES.  contact ted for information on ARES.

tom bingham has informed larry that our club website is outdated. tom may now have time on his hands and may once again be able to help us update and maintain the website.

at 1929 tyson began a program on wiresX with a l verbal and visual discussion and display of how wiresX works. Very nice presentation.

the meeting adjourned at 7:55PM.

submitted by w7gfa